About Us

                            Calanthe Art Cafe

 Mission Statement

  • v Combines Malaysia 13 states' coffees

  • v Consists of local artists' artworks

so that local and overseas tourists and Melakian can taste all the special coffees in 13 States of Malaysia in one place as well as admire distinctive local artworks in line with our Melaka state Government's slogan"Visit Melaka means visit Malaysia"


  • I. A place for people to rest, restore and reconcile their life.

  • II. A place for social activities.

  • III. A place for business purposes.


  • I. Provide superb food and beverage.

  • II. Good interaction between our staff and customers.

  • III. A cosy environment.

Motto‘The First and Only One'

11. Jalan Hang Kasturi
Melaka 75250 606-2922960

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The First and Only One Cafe in Malacca, Malaysia which serves Malaysia 13 States' Coffees, Local Foods, Homemade Desserts, Handmade jewelleries and etc...

Breakfast Hour

SundayWednesday: 9:0011:30

Thursday: Closed

Friday, Saturday: 9:0011:30

Business Hour

SundayWednesday: 9:0023:00

Thursday: Closed

Friday, Saturday: 9:000:00

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